Personal Details


Aleksey Kladov



  • 2014-2016, Masters of Software Engineering (unfinished), St. Petersburg State University of RAS

  • 2009-2014, Specialist of Software Engineering, St. Petersburg State University

Professional Experience

Rust Programming Language

I am a member of the dev-tools team of the Rust programming language. I was one of the maintainers of Cargo — the package manager for Rust. My primarily interest is IDE support.

Ferrous Systems

Sep 2018 to Now (ongoing)

At Ferrous Systems I am leading the rust-analyzer/RLS-2.0 project: an experimental next-generation compiler with a specific goal of providing excellent IDE support for Rust.

Computer Science Center

At CSC I taught two major courses:

Programming In Rust video

Winter-Spring 2019
A semester long introduction course, focused on contrasting unique Rust features with more mainstream languages like C++ or Java.

Programming In Python video

Autumn-Winter 2018
A semester long advanced course focusing on the language inner workings and programming idioms.

I have also worked as a teaching assistant for "Algorithms and Data structures" and "Python" courses.


Sep 2015 to Jan 2018

At JetBrains, I have lead the development of IntelljJ-Rust plugin for the Rust programming language. The plugin is a Rust "compiler" written in Kotlin, with full-blown parser, name resolution and type inference algorithms, and integrations with build tools and debuggers. Besides solving the technical problems, I’ve created an open source community around the plugin by mentoring issues, writing developer documentation and supporting contributors.

2012 to 2014

Stepik is a e-learning platform, written in Python, focused on rich variety of practical exercises and ease of creating content. I was on the backend team of three from the start of the project. Among other things, I’ve worked on exercises subsystem and student’s code sandboxing, progress tracking and designed and implemented JSON API interface for the single-page frontend.


  • Rust

  • Python

  • Kotlin

  • Compiler Frontend Development